About Divorce

Each year, more than 100,000 couples get divorced in the UK. When we think about getting divorced, many of us imagine court battles and long, drawn-out arguments. The truth is that a lot of divorces can be completed in as little as 12 weeks without either of you having to go to court.

Our Divorce Download service can help you get divorced quickly, cheaply and without the need to go court. You can start your divorce for just £17.99 by downloading all the forms you need and our expert guide.

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Want to use a solicitor for your divorce?

Our Divorce Download service isn’t for everyone. We recommend talking to a solicitor if:

  • Your husband or wife will not agree to the divorce
  • You want the peace of mind of working with experienced family law experts
  • You cannot agree about arrangements for children or the family finances

If you would prefer to use a solicitor, we can help. Our family law solicitors have helped thousands of people to divorce and we’re recognised as one of the leading law firms in family law.

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